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Why the UK Should Not Bomb ISIS in Syria


“Jeremy Corbyn’s refusal to offer Labour MPs a free vote on Syria shows his newly assertive approach” says the New Statesman. “Against expectations, the opposition leader says shadow ministers will not be permitted to support air strikes against Isis.”

How can it possibly make sense for the UK to bomb Daesh (Isis) in Syria without the cooperation of the Syrian government that is the most effective ground force fighting these terrorists?

As I understand it the US led alliance currently bombing Daesh in Syria has been largely ineffective against them and has often been directed against Syria’s civilian infrastructure.

Additionally it is now understood that the motivations of the US and its regional allies have been at best mixed and that they have been directly responsible for the rise of Daesh either through design or incompetence. This is admitted by former US Intelligence chief General Michael Flynn

Russia is currently working with the Syrian government and Iranian and Hezbollah allies and is very effectively challenging Daesh and other terrorist groups. There is no need, and it is counter-productive and dangerous, for other countries to intervene illegally.

President Putin has shown a willingness to work in cooperation with all anti-Daesh forces including the Kurds and some groups opposing Assad. He is willing to work with anyone in order to get rid of Daesh and restore stability to Syria so that the Syrian people can democratically choose their future government whether that includes Assad or not. We now have to see whether there can be a rapprochement between Russia and the West that will allow cooperation against Daesh and for a diplomatic solution. There appears to have been some progress towards this at the G20 conference.

In this context any vote to get involved with bombing in Syria would be irresponsible, illegal and wrong. I do not expect that Cameron will bring this to Parliament but if he does Jeremy Corbyn is right to say that Labour will not support such a move. I would expect Corbyn to be uncompromising on this one.

Paris 13.11.15


It is right to feel sympathy for the people of Paris who lost their lives last night, or who are suffering grievous wounds from which they may never recover and for their relatives and friends. The people who perpetrated the attacks deserve the utmost condemnation whether they are actually members of ISIS or not.

Deserving of condemnation also are the leaders of countries such as the US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Gulf States who have stoked the flames of hatred and terrorism in Syria and whose support for armed opposition to the Syrian regime is one of the factors that facilitated the rise of ISIS. Other factors include the destruction of Libya by the US, UK and France, again in support of sectarian Islamists against another secular regime, and the destruction of Iraq by the US and its allies.

The responsibility of the West and its regional allies for the rise of ISIS is well documented and has been admitted by US Generals Michael Flynn and Wesley Clark and by others. This should not be forgotten in the rush to exploit this tragedy as another excuse for more war and more bashing of Muslims.

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