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I hope I don’t need to preface every comment by saying I don’t like Trump but things are not as black and white as many seem to think. I do think hTrump and some of his ideas are deplorable as are some of his supporters but I don’t characterise, as Clinton did, all his supporters as ‘deplorables’. Clinton is deplorable as are some of her ideas and supporters. Some Clinton supporters considered her the lesser evil, she may well have been the ‘lesser evil’, time will not tell as we can never know what might have been, but she is by no means ‘less evil’. I think there is real danger from a Trump presidency, his position and early appointments on the environment and Iran are already worrying, and there is no doubt that he has tapped into a deep vein of racism and misogyny but that really isn’t the whole story and while I think that this article by Andrew Korbko fails to address the real racism, misogyny, chauvinism and logophobia ingrained in American society and on both sides of the party political divide, it does offer pertinent insights into the condition of the working classes that Clinton dismissed as deplorables in the same way that she dismissed, years earlier, the troubled and troublesome children of the black communities as ‘super predators’. Agree or disagree, this is worth reading just as the Michael Moore video that Andrew references is worth watching: http://katehon.com/article/dear-foreign-friends-heres-why-trump-won-clevelander

Well, it’s official, Trump has won. I won’t be celebrating the victory of this deeply unpleasant troglodyte and the apparent wave of bigotry that he has surfed home on. There are clear dangers for citizens of the US and the world. But I won’t be mourning the defeat of a woman who laughed at the rape/murder of Gaddafi, who, together with Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama caused the destruction of Libya, who supported the arming of terrorists in Syria and who has called for an illegal no-fly zone in that country that would precipitate direct conflict with Syria and Russia. Trump won because he rode the wave and the Republican Party could not stop him, meanwhile the Democrats shot down their own wave rider and were left with a woman who good people could not get behind; while they might endorse her as the lesser evil there was no spirit behind their support, no wave.

The wave has a life of its own, it feels organic and the relationship with a particular leader is symbiotic. The leader does not create the wave, he or she catches it at the right time and wave and leader enhance each other.

Is Boris Johnson trying to set up a shadow state in Syria? He is demonising the legitimate government in Syria and is setting up and training an alternative police force.

Johnson supports the White Helmets group that promotes itself as a non-governmental and impartial rescue service helping Syrian civilians. The following video challenge that perspective: