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Wahabbism, Zionism and Imperialism


This interesting article that argues intelligently that terrorism and the chaos in the Middle East are rooted in Saudi Wahabbism, Israeli Zionism and Western Imperialism. These three are not opposed to each other but often work together as in the assaults against Iraq and Libyia that contributed to the rise of ISIS and as in the current assault against Syria and the intervention in Yemen:

It is a fascinating, though rather grim, story, spanning the First World War, the creation of the states of Israel, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia, and taking in Lawrence of Arabia, the fall of Gadaffi in Libya, the Syria Civil War and Rise of Islamic State, among other things. It’s a story of long-term manipulation, insidious indoctrination, and secret, ‘mythical’ works of literature.
These two ideologies – Wahhabism in Islam and Zionism which is linked primarily to the Jewish religion – may seem like unrelated entities on the surface of it…
But these two idealogies are largely responsible for the situation in the Middle East today; a situation that doesn’t just effect the Middle East, but as we’ve seen more and more since 9/11, affects the US, Europe, the West and probably the entire world. These two idealogies are responsible for and bound up in decades of violence, war, suffering and manipulation. These two idealogies are, it can be demonstrated, flip-sides of the same coin. And these two idealogies can both be traced back to the same approximate era – roughly 100 years ago, during the events of the First World War.
What has been the legacy of both Zionism and Wahhabism in the world? And what is the truth about their origins? To begin with, an abbreviated history (for those of you unfamiliar) of the origins of first Zionism and then Wahhabism…

Niels Harrit: 9/11 Dissenter

On 11 September 2001 four civilian planes were, reportedly, hijacked by nineteen terrorists over the United States. Two of these planes slammed into the Twin Towers New York’s World Trade Centre, another into the Pentagon and the last crashed before reaching a target. The US government concluded that the attack had been coordinated by the Arab terrorist Osama bin Laden who they said was hiding in Afghanistan. This pretext was used to launch a war against Afghanistan and later Iraq. It has continued to be presented as a motivating factor in America’s foreign policy. However many people continue to question the narrative assigning responsibility to Osama bin Laden and the nineteen terrorists. The arguments some of these dissenters present are highly cogent but mainstream politicians and media in the west routinely treat their objections as deluded ramblings determinedly refusing to engage in meaningful dialogue, not withstanding that some of these dissenters include PhD level scientists and engineers and world leaders.

In 2011 Dr Neils Harrit was interviewed by the BBC as part of a documentary series on ‘conspiracy theorists’. Dr Harrit wisely made his own recording so there are no copyright issues over him using it. The video he produced is over two hours long. If you can’t watch the whole thing watch the first 10 to 15 minutes where Harrit outlines the absurdities of the official 9/11 narrative.

Neil Harrit is essentially an expert witness that the BBC interviewer, Michael Rudin, treats as a conspiracy nut trying to conflate his arguments with the genuinely nutty arguments that planes never flew into the Twin Towers. The interviewer is essentially defending the official story and treats Harrit as a ‘hostile witness’. The latter part of the interview is highly technical and I admit that I don’t understand all the technicalities regarding the presence or otherwise of thermite but the interviewer tries to undermine Harrit’s thesis by citing another expert’s dismissal of the thesis without a real discussion of the reasons for this dismissal. Throughout the interview Rudin appears to use the authority and feelings of those who support the official story as a counterweight to Harrit’s analysis. That Dr Harrit manages to keep cool is a testimony to his maturity.

It seems to me that Rudin, though aggressive, sounds somewhat embarrassed at the line of questioning that he is obliged to pursue. He asks Harrit “Do you think you’re taking a personal risk by doing the work you’re doing.?”

Harrit replies, “I have no way back. If you fight you might lose, but if you don’t fight you have lost. I have six grandchildren … our civilisation is at stake. There is no way our civilisation can continue without facing these unsolved questions of 911.” Harrit is of course absolutely right and I admire him for his work and the risk he has taken. He has been faithful to his calling as a scientist. Mainstream journalists like Rudin on the other hand seem to have betrayed their calling and brought their profession into disrepute.

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