It is strange to write about something so profound as my mother’s death on a public website. I have said little so far, only the statement I made on Facebook on Friday 9th October:

The passing of my mother in the early hours of this morning has left me with a sense of loss that will deepen over the next few days and weeks as I am reminded of her by the absence of our familiar routines. Nevertheless I feel enormously blessed that she was such an important and positive part of my life for so long, that her illness was brief, her suffering slight and that I was present to see her off on her journey home. I am grateful too for Sandy who by my side throughout, for family and friends who shared the loss and to those on FB who have offered condolences after seeing Sandy’s posts.

I’m posting this here because I can’t write deeply about the non-personal and less personal without writing about or at least touching upon what is deep in my personal life. Right now I can’t do more than touch on my feelings and I wish to say and share no more in public than this ‘goodnight’.