Netstorms is an association of tutors with ICT and digital media skills. We develop courses, learning resources and learning support networks and offer these in partnership with local learning providers and community groups.

The goal of Netstorms is not only to offer courses and workshops that teach particular skills, it is to inspire young people and adults to take responsibility for their own learning, to see it as transformational and to use it creatively and for the transformation of their own lives and of their world.

The following are courses that have been run by Netstorms:

Understanding Computers and Computer Maintenance both involve a lot of practical work including stripping and reassembling computers so that participants gain an understanding of the parts of a computer and how they work together.

The Making Computer Games course will focus on learning the basic principles behind
creating a good electronic game regardless of platform (mobile/console/computer) and on
planning, designing and developing a text adventure game that can be played on the web.
There will also be an introduction to the creation of simple graphics based game.

Webmasters is a course that teaches young people how to create and manage websites. We introduce the basics of HTML and CSS to learners so that they can create simple websites from their own code and so they can more effectively use a CMS (Content ManagementSystem) such as WordPress to create and manage sophisticated websites.

The Art and Animation course involves learning how to make short animated films using
Flash or Stop Frame Animation. Participants learn to use the software and animation
techniques to create animations based on ideas they have developed and sketched on a
story board.

In Digital Designs participants learn how to use Photoshop to create images. Participants use these skills and their imagination to create visualisations around a theme or themes that they have chosen.

The Video Postcards courses introduce learners to making and editing short films which are then published to the web.

The Multimedia Journalism course/project encourages young people to research issues and interests and to share their ideas through developing their skills in research, interviewing, writing, photography and video. Course members will work as a team to create an online magazine so they will also develop skills in the use of social media, in particular the use of blogs and online interviewing using tools such as Skype.

Netstorms is interested not only in developing and managing courses but also in developing networks of tutors and learners who can support each other as part of ongoing learning communities. See as an example of a learning community that is being redeveloped.

Organisations interested in having Netstorms run courses should contact Gavin Sealey by email to or by phone to 07932 003341.