I posted this article in Facebook yesterday and was pleased that at the time I’m posting it here it’s been shared 59 times and liked more than 85 times.

There has been a fair bit of talk recently about an alleged lack of leadership from Jeremy Corbyn, about people being ‘disappointed’. I’m far from being an uncritical supporter of Corbyn, of Labour, or of anyone really but I must say that over the past few weeks Corbyn has gone up rather than down in my estimation and his has been the clearest and most rational leadership on offer. Let us remember:

It wasn’t Corbyn’s leadership that led to a referendum on the EU that wasn’t necessary and that unnecessarily divided the country. That was Cameron.

It wasn’t Corbyn’s leadership that led to a deal that Parliament could not accept. That was Theresa May.

It is not Corbyn’s leadership that is calling for a gamble on a second referendum that might well deliver the same result as the first and be more divisive than the first. That is David Lammy.

Corbyn’s leadership seeks to mend our nation rather than to break it further. It is not about asking again the closed question of Leave or Remain, it is about having an open debate about the best way forward, recognising where we are now. It is about recognising division and the causes of that division without blaming either side for their concerns. It is about seeing opportunity in crisis and the potential for grasping victory from the jaws of a self-defeat wrought by others.

Corbyn’s leadership is not about playing on passions but about engaging us in thought rooted in compassion.

We will be told again and again that Corbyn is a bad leader or a wrong leader or no leader but the people telling us that are not thinking or do not want us to think, they are deluded or seek to delude. As to Corbyn? He is the leader for those who do not care to be misled, for those who prefer to think, for those who understand that the world is more complex and deeper than ‘yes or no’, or ‘black and white’, or ‘left and right’ but know that compassion and reconciliation are good and that hate and blame are wrong and self-defeating.