Inner Silence
If we can’t be quiet, inwardly quiet, then we have no sense of our own beingness; we continue living in dreams or nightmares and reacting to things not as they are but only as we have been conditioned to perceive them. In the silence we touch our own essence and become able to appreciate the essence of everything else. In Zen teachings touching the essence is called knowing the ‘suchness’ of things.
Someone in a post on facebook spoke of the ‘Inner Net’ as opposed to the ‘Internet’. We log on to the Inner Net when we meditate.

Unconditional Love
Unconditional love is a great aspiration, perhaps the ultimate aspiration as it means giving up the ego which requires some condition for love. To love anyone unconditionally means to love everyone unconditionally .. to say I love you because you are beautiful, or because you are kind or because you are my child is not to love unconditionally because these are conditions that might have been or might become otherwise. Perhaps it is best to love another conditionally and unconditionally … as in I love you because of the qualities I see in you and I love you because of the unmanifest essence that is your unconditioned being. Namaste.