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East Ham CLP

I posted the following comments to the Newham Labour Party FB page:

A month ago AGM’s were held in the 10 East Ham BLPs. When is the East Ham CLP AGM?

In February 2019 it will be a full two years since the East Ham CLP has had a general meeting. A full two year since the last AGM. It is not my natural instinct to blame others for a bad outcome or situation, even institutions rather than individuals, my first instinct is to take unfavourable circumstances into account. But after two years the argument from unfavourable circumstances wears very thin and the options that remain are indifference, incompetence or intent. This must reflect on ALL position holders who are at all involved in this including all constituency councillors and the constituency MP.

Local Elections 3 May 2013

The picture is of me as ward secretary with three councillors, Jenny Bailey, Omana Gangadharan and Lester Hudson, representing my ward in Newham. It’s safe to say that Newham is a safe Labour borough but we campaigned actively winning all 60 seats and getting our new mayoral candidate Rokhsana Fiaz elected as Mayor.

I freely admit that I do not know much about the intricacies of national and party politics and so I was initially puzzled that some Labour supporters were disappointed by the overall results of the local elections in which Labour was well ahead in the number of seats gained. But I understand now that only 150 out of 405 councils held elections this year and a map of those councils shows a sea of blue with a few islands of red. It was this support boosted in the May 2017 local elections that made Theresa May miscalculate the odds of smashing Labour in the June 2018 general elections. With a total of 20,209 councillors, an increase by 77 is a drop in the ocean. Nevertheless given the mobilisation of the MSM and establishment against the Corbyn project a hold is a creditable performance. There is a lot of work to do if the Corbyn project is to succeed and given the orientation of the MSM much of this work has to involve very deep conversation that challenges political and ethical assumptions.


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