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The Coming Catastrophy

Jimmy Dore’s short presentation provides a good introduction to the issue of the climate change catastrophy. As a human species and as individuals we need to change our ways. Here are some of my suggestions for political and personal action:

1. If you’re in the west consume less. Don’t manufacture or buy unnecessary stuff.
2. Share more. Make sure no one starves even if it means you eat less. Make sure everyone has a home even if it means your home is smaller.
3. Phase out meat and dairy farming. We all need to move to veganism. Is eating fish sustainable? I like eating fish but we have to ask the question.
4. Dont buy plastic toys, plastic bags or plastic water bottles.
5. Reduce the use of fossil fuels through sustainable green energy use and a drastic reduction in energy consumption.
6. Don’t even think about fracking. Stop it now.
7. Don’t be a frequent flier. You may be able to afford it but the planet cannot. Focus on making your local environment more appealing.
8. Don’t deforest. Reforest.
9. Rationalise production by taking essential industries into public ownership
10. Learn to repair stuff rather than replace it.
11. Don’t think going to nuclear power is going to help. Disasterous weather conditions and degraded supply infrastructures can lead to Fukashima type incidents.
12. Move globally, nationally and personally from a competition mindset to a cooperation mindset
13. Work for global disarmament and repurpose the military to disaster relief and environment protection forces.
14. Work for change in your own local communities but communicate and coordinate with other communities regionally and globally.
15. Meditate and pray. Things are going to get very rough and we’re going to need acceptance, faith and love to get us through
16. Don’t have more than two children.

Rich Child, Poor Child

This well made and touching video shows the differences between rich and poor in relation to access to clean water. It is very well done. The background story can be read on the Huffington Post site.


This is really IMPORTANT It is vital that enough people understand this and its implications so we can make CHANGES to the way we perceive, believe and act at individual, family, community and political levels. What Annie Leonard says is obvious, painfully so, but our systems of education, media and modes of public and interpersonal discourse do not facilitate our seeing or focusing on the wider picture, in fact there is a pressure to narrow our focus. So this very simple and clear exposition is something we should watch, think about, share and then act upon. An obvious first step would be to dramatically cut our consumption of stuff.

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