Blair make a contribution to the Brexit debate that is good and that is characteristic especially of him. However what is good is not characteristic especially of him and what is characteristic especially of him is not good.

1. Blair was the prime minister who deliberately lied about WDMs in Iraq in order to justify and prosecute a war which killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. His actions make him a mass murderer. He dishonoured this nation and deserves no respect whatsover as a prime minister or as a human being.

2. While Blair’s assessment that Britain has more power and protection as a member of a strong economic bloc is as correct as it is obvious, there are reasons why so many people voted for Brexit and those reasons include distrust of slick politicians like Blair and Cameron who were seen as working on behalf of the well off in this country and not those who have nothing and do not see themselves sharing in any benefits from the UK being part of the EU. Dismissing the concerns of working class people in poor northern constituencies is not right. These concerns should be acknowledged and addressed whether we are inside or outside of the EU. Currently the only political leader attempting to respond directly to those concerns is Jeremy Corbyn.

3. Blair talks of blocs confronting each other and alludes to possible military conflict. To survive the world needs to get beyond a paradigm of competition and conflict and move towards cooperation and communication. We need to transition away from blocs and think in terms of new constructive relationships with and within the EU and constructive relationships between the EU and other national and supernational partners. This requires thinking that is disruptive of the current neoliberal paradigm and that is not on offer from the Conservatives, the Brexit Party, the Liberal Democrats or the Blairites within the Labour Party. A Corbyn led Labour Party has a social dimension at home and internationally that is not shared by the other parties. It offers possibilities beyond the retreat to Remain or the blind leap of a mismanaged Brexit. These possibilities are grounded in socialistic principles of respect for people and the pursuit of peace and justice and they are only on offer from a Corbyn led party.