This is an archive of some Zoom conversations I’ve had with interesting people who agreed to my recording and posting them.

Conversation with Brother Alan Marshall May 2022

The May 2022 conversation with Alan Marshall is part of an ongoing dialogue that I’ve been having with him about religion. I have a somewhat different world view from Alan particularly with regard to a literal understanding of the Bible (or any scripture) but I have enormous respect for his learning, his spiritual journey, his skill as a community leader and his personal charisma.

Conversation, in my view, is not primarily about agreeing/disagreeing, persuading/being persuaded, it is a bout listening openly and reflecting on what is said and how it is said and heard. Conversation can be seen and used as a complement to meditation.

Like meditation, conversation does not have to be good for anything. Neither do you or I have to be good for anything. Our conversations do not have to be good for anything. We either understand these to be good in themselves or we don’t understand or accept that.

“Meditation Is Good For Nothing” – Zen Master Shohaku Okumura
Conversation with Shona Pollock June 2022

My conversation with Shona Pollock is also part of an ongoing dialogue, in this case about identity and individuality. What do we perceive to be our ‘identity’ and what are we as individuals beyond our favourite identifications. Shona has a very dense and diverse cultural background or complex of identifications and it has been fascinating listening to her talking about this.

While these conversations may not be and don’t have to be good for anything I think that a culture of conversation like a culture of meditation can change us for the better. Through reaching out with the ‘seeking mind’ we find connection and meaning.

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