I have little interest in transgender related issues and no position except believing that all humans should be treated with equal respect and have equal rights as human beings and so on ..I am posting this because it illustrates that the point that in the Labour Party the truth of a thing depends on the agreed narrative about that thing rather than the narrative about the thing depending on the truth of a thing.

I am not sure why is is necessary to point out that only women have a [human] cervex but I understand that the cervix is part of the female reproductive system and only females have a cervix. Perhaps some women are born without a cervix as some are born without arms but it seems always true that only women have a cervix.

The truth cannot be transphobic, or racist or sexist or antisemitic or by definition be prejudiced in any other way. Statements that purport to be true can be challenged and their deployment critiqued but this is not what Rachael Reeves does. I’m not sure what she intends to say in her waffle but what she does in effect say is either that it is untrue that only women have a cervix or that truth, or the telling of truth, is transphopic.

‘Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.’

George Orwell (1984)