I currently have three live websites to which I ocassionally post. I also write a lot on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes it seems like the fulltime job for which I’m not paid – especially on days when I want to update a site but there’s a technical problem such as not being able to upload stuff or the website running very slowly.

My three websites 52.netstorms.org, netstorms.org, and nypo.org were intended to be respectively, a site for my longer essays on cabbages, kings and covid, a shared project for working collaboratively with others and an online project for young people and children and to support my teaching activities.

Even without the technical problems that’s not working out very well. So I’m going to make one website, netstorms.org, do all of the things I’ve outlined. And I will link it more closely to my social media output. The other sites are not going to disappear right now and I may use them later on but for now I’ll be writing lots on the netstorms.org site and inviting collaboration and sharing learning.

The straplines of the netstorms and the nypo sites respectively, conscious creative community and imagination communication technology where I want to go as an individual and as a retired-from-paid-work (freed?) youth and community education worker.

Follow me and my projects here if you want. Help out if you can.