This is an outline of a project idea that is under discussion.

My name is Gavin Sealey. I have been a teacher and a youth and community education worker. I have run a number of courses and projects for young people over many years. I am retired but still interested in projects that bring young people together in ways that stimulate their creativity and support the expression of that creativity.

‘A Thousand Voice’ is just a name but the intention is that ‘we’, by which I mean anyone interested in developing this, bring young people together in groups across the world and encourage them to create a space of mutual understanding and support. At first I thought of presenting this as a multimedia magazine project because at the core of it would be sharing experiences, ideas and feelings and presenting these to each other and the world. The idea of a magazine is also a simple one to grasp and perhaps we can develop that as a website called ‘A Thousand Voices’ but behind that is the notion of a space of creativity, support and belonging.

In August this year I would like young people, in groups, from across the world to share ideas with each other and to explore and develop new ideas.

There will be a lot of material from young people’s experiences.

Young people will be encouraged to see themselves as members and representatives of their particular families and communities as well as unique individuals meeting and sharing with other unique individuals.

Young people will be bringing their families and communities into the ‘space’ and will have been encouraged to talk about their cultures with parents, teachers, youth workers, family members, other significant adults as well as peers.

Questioning and reflection is to be encouraged prior to, before and after the August event, that is intended to create persistent connections and collaborations.

The value of a multimedia magazine model is that it can support a number of different forms of expression of self. Not just writing, but art, science, debate. It is a platform.

I don’t know how many young people we can bring together or who will support them in different places. I can work with a small group and would ideally like to do so at Redbridge Library. I work on an accessible website and on structures for communication between project groups in different parts of the world. I am not interested in being paid for this project and will regard it as ‘open source’ in that I would like many people to contribute to its development. Part of the communication and collaboration will be to determine how this can be maintained.

I have already started collaborating with a teacher in Gambia, Bakary Manneh.

Here are some contributions from his students. Remarkable especially as English is not their first language.

I will use all the material that Bakary send me on the NYPO website for now and much of it on this one.

As I say this is intended as an ‘open source’ project and ideas, collaboration and support are welcome.