Spring Again

The Netstorms name is of course a reference to brainstorming. Brainstorming on the Net as it were. The name was suggested by a colleague over two decades ago when we are talking about getting people talking and thinking together. Netstorming was never meant to something I should do on my own and this website and the projects associated with it were not meant to be solitary enterprises either.

I am in the process of revisiting and revising old projects and a part of what I want to do is to work with others to build real collaborative communities.

Today I am spending some time just re-familiarising myself with WordPress. I mean to be creating and managing a number of websites and working on using them to support communities. I’ve already started and one of the sites I’m working on is C4o.link.

The C4o website has a jazzier design that this one. I want to keep Netstorms.org visually simple for now.